Competent, Quality Delivery

Our company is the number one franchise dealer for computer and information technology brands such as Samsung, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Seagate, and numerous others. Our technical experts are all A+++ Certified. We fix and restore laptops, gaming rigs, desktops, printers, scanners, and big or small servers. We also undertake repairs covered by warranty and these are done directly at your home or business, or undertaking in-factory at our numerous locations around the country. List of Services

Warranty Coverage Repairs

We are the authorized dealers and service hub for ASUS, DELL, and HP, products.

Computer Repair

Our technicians carry out all repairs on all PC models and brands, and we specialize in all of them. Our skilled technician have a lot of years invested in the industry and are adept at fixing highly complex and delicate parts.

Printer Repair

We are the authorized dealers and service centers for Lenovo, Dell and ASUS printers. We are also highly skilled in repairing other printer equipment including photocopying, and scanner equipment.

On the Spot PC Repairs and Diagnosis

Our excellent PC technicians will come straight to your place of abode or place or business to provide assistance for faulty laptops, desktops, gaming rigs, Xerox machine, and lots more. If you find it cumbersome to take your faulty equipment to our location, do not worry we have got you covered. We have a remote support that is online 24/7 to give you all the assistance you need to find out the problem with your equipment and get it going again. Even if you are away on business or a leisure trip and you have got an internet connection going, we can have access to your computer – with your authorization of course, and fix your computer remotely. You can use the contact forms here if that is a choice that is most suitable for you.

Computer Upgrade

When you use your computer for a while, and you feel it is not up the latest trends available around, you can give it to us and we would add the latest components to give your PC that new trendy look and extremely fast performance. Even for those with new PCs, you could still choose to customize your PC with aftermarket products, and we offer high end quality components you would not usually get in a rival company.

Computer Networking

When you have multiple PCs at home, or in your business, you could choose to network them together. By doing this your PCs could share media files including photographs, and documents and you would be able to use a central scanner and copier for multiple PCs. They could also share a wireless connection to make to boost efficiency and productivity.

Virus, and Malware Diagnosis

This is a very critical service rendered by our company. We offer up-to-date security protection so that the programs in your PC remain safe and secure. We also help you backup and recover files that are infected by virus.