For those who love the latest PC games but cannot enjoy the full experience because of a little lag here and a few too little clocking speed there, we understand your frustration. We will admit most of us have owned PCs that have crashed just because possibly we tried installing one Tomb Raider too many and the poor PC who not handle the load gave up and just collapsed.

Sure, pain is communally felt. We have all been there. But what if we tell you that your frustration could be a thing of the past? That you could own a PC which would crunch every high end game you throw at it? And what if we tell you that this could be done without picking up a shotgun and robbing your local bank?

Well it sure is true. You could have incredible gaming fun without emptying your checking account if you know the critical components to building your gaming pc. The advantages to building your own gaming rig is to understand what makes a PC tick and to have control over the parts that gets to go into that monster beast of yours. With YouTube videos on hand to help, you can do it yourself. All you need are the required components, a screw driver, soldering iron and you can get to building.

Now that we have got your attention, these are the components to look out for:


This is central to every gaming pc that ever existed. The processor is the component whose job is to manage the amount of tasks your computer is running and the faster the processor the better it is at doing these tasks. While it is fantastic to get the best processors on your rig, you could use a discerning eye to find a cheap processor that could give you value for your money.


This is like the mothership. It houses the different parts that make up your rig, it takes these different components and puts them in their assigned slots thereby making them synchronize with each other and get them working perfectly.


RAM. Random Access Memory. This crucial component gives your computer the ability to run multiple programs simultaneously without lag. These days to play the best games with the optimum overclocking speed, you need a minimum of 16gb ram. And that is if you want to play the latest titles on your PC without having framerate issues.

Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)

Do not mistaken this for CPU. They are very different things. The GPU is the video card. It is the component that determines how nice the pixelated pictures in your game will look. The higher the graphics card, the smoother the picture and more lifelike. There are magazines and websites who evaluate this component. Having a look into these resources could give you an in-depth knowledge about the type of GPU that would be suitable for your gaming rig.


There are two choices for this. You could go the HDD route or the SSD route. A hard drive is cool and very functional, but a solid state drive is the future. You could ideally combine both so you could have a balanced gaming experience. But this should not be an issue because storage is flexible. It is always something you can upgrade continuously in the future.


Last but not the least is the power supply. Your monster rig must run on something, and not gas but electricity. Do not scrounge on this. Get a topnotch power supply unit and it will prove to be a wise investment for you.