We are a team of information technology experts and our business is to provide you with the best Information Technology solutions available on offer. Our in-factory computer support team is solely focused on giving you optimal computer solutions with the most minimum of fuss. We offer computer repair services directly to your place without you having to load up your gear and burn your gas.

Our technical experts are seasoned and qualified to handle whatever technical issues you might be having in your home or business and fix your computer at once. Our services are available 24/7 across the country.

In a digital world like we live in today revolving around computerized technology, no one better than us understands the pain of having your computer out of service due to a fault or crash. This is why we are dedicated towards giving you the promptest relief restoring you back to your beloved computer. We understand the joy of seeing your monitor light up with pride again!

Our assortment of information technology support for the home and office are not limited to in-factory repairs, as we offer remote assistance and call-outs from around the country. We also have a wide range of computer hardware services which include repairs of PCs like the Mac, and Microsoft based systems and we consult on buying, payment, and installation of all kinds of technological equipment and devices including home and business systems cloud storage, networking, software malfunction, small and big business servers, NAS, Security, and VOIP.

Acelogic deserves to be your ideal destination for any and all equipment needs and solutions. For the home and small medium enterprises, we offer cheap and efficient support for one-time jobs. This technology assistance includes fixing of your laptops and information technology devices, consultancy, and fee either from our headquarters, or remotely through our support center.

We can visit you directly at your address via a call-out and give consultancy on which technological device to purchase and where to purchase from – if we do not have it in stock, then we setup your rig and test run or give you a crash course on how to set it up yourself.

We are dedicated to providing the best assistance to you, and our employees are the friendliest set of professionals you would ever come across. Majority of us have had issues with IT support services and we know most of the time it has to do with poor service delivery. We will solve your problems with ease.